We will be flexible in meeting your 
needs. Our executive and support 
staffs will provide the respect you 

We will be sensitive to you and your
company's hard-earned reputation...

Faye Lawson, President, Lawson's Furniture, Delaware
Choosing Dealers First Choice, Inc. to run our event proved to be a wise decision. Dealers First Choice, Inc.'s proven system, professional manager and sales staff created a successful result for our business..... During the event our sales volume increased dramatically and DFC liquidated our inventory...with a good margin.
David Hoover, President, West Coast Furniture, Florida

We recently completed a "Cash Raising" sale at our store. Because we are considered a "High-end" store, we were very concerned about the image we would be presenting. One of our credit managers suggested we contact a company called DEALERS FIRST CHOICE. Upon meeting Michael Meadows we began to feel more confident about having such an event. After several meetings with Mike, we knew he understood our situation, and had some great ideas to make it work.We enjoyed this experience, and would highly recommend DEALERS FIRST CHOICE to anyone who needs this type of help and support. They completely lived up to their expectations, as well as ours.
John Ritter, Owner, The Main Street Gallery, Pennsylvania[/blockquote]

We enjoyed our relationship with Dealers First Choice tremendously. It has been a pleasure working with someone of your caliber (DFC) in the furniture business. We appreciate your satisfying your commitments.....It is always a pleasure to do business with honorable people.
Tom Tait, Owner, 51 Bells, Arizona

This is just a short note to the people of DFC to thank each and everyone in your organization for a terrific job on the grand opening of Randall's Furniture's newest location in Dover, Delaware. I had my reservations about the store being ready for opening day--but your experienced selling team did a superb job of setting the furniture in place for our big day. Also, your team created a magnificent advertising campaign that produced unprecedented sales. I can't thank you all enough. I'll be sure to call upon your organization when we plan our next expansion. 
Randy Abbott, Owner, Randall's, Delaware

It has been a pleasure to work with your salespeople, especially Juan Ulep. He has done a spectacular job as a leader for our employees..... He has successfully reorganized many of our daily operations and his changes have greatly improved our overall productivity. We will certainly miss him after his departure, and we look forward to working with him again during our future sales.
Betty Adams, Owner, Barry's Furniture, Alabama

This is to advise that Jim Farris, was assigned to our store to manage our store closing sale. It was to our good fortune that Mr. Farris was assigned here. He was very knowledgeable in aspects of a liquidation sale. He has very good people skills and was an asset for customer service. Mr. Farris commanded the respect of his sales force...We would highly recommend Mr. Farris for any future assignments.
Faye Lawson, President, Lawson's Furniture, Delaware