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DFC Team

Mike Meadows, President

....has over 23 years experience in the furniture industry. By virtue of his tenure as President of Dealers First Choice, a national furniture promotions firm, as well as his past experience as President and Vice-President of major multi and single store operations in the Baltimore, Maryland area, Mike has accumulated substantial knowledge in all facets of the furniture industry. Mike has hands on experience with merchandising, advertising, warehousing and financial planning. Specifically, Mike has an impressive track record in the furniture promotions business, one that has catapulted him to the top of his industry. Simply put he has the expertise to maximize your event.

Joe Meadows, Vice President ...

....has extensive management experience and an array of diverse experience. Joe has acted as the chief executive officer of a large organization with 450 employees and an annual budget in excess of 35 million dollars. Joe earned his law degree and has nearly two decades of legal experience. Joe has interacted extensively with both the private and public sectors and brings not only his unique experience but also an unbridled enthusiasm and proven track record.